Ghizer is the westernmost part of the Gilgit-Baltistan and its capital is Gahkuch. Ghizer the crossroads between gilgit and chitral along with central asian countries. Ghizer is multi-lingual and multi-ethnic region having shina, burushaski, khowar, wakhi and tajik speaking people.
Ghizer district is comprised of punial, gupis, ishkoman and yasin valleys. These valleys are lush green and agrarian terrain. In the middle of each valley the rivers are flowing and the trout fish is the indigenous inhabitant of these valleys.

Ghizer is ruled by Borushay family for thousands of years. The British came through chitral and splendid the center rule into many small principalities and later annexed the region with pakistan.

Ghizer is famous for so many things such as fishing, river rafting, hiking, mountain cycling and cultural engagements.

Lakes of Ghizer

1- Handarap Lake
2-Phandar Lake
3-Khalti Lake
4-karambar Lake
5- Shandur Lake
6- Baha Lake
7- Attar Lake
8- Mathantar Lake

Passes of Ghizer

1- Shandur Pass
2- chillingi Pass
3- Hayal Pass
4- Bichhar Pass
5- Darkot Pass
6- Thoi Pass

Tour Plan in Ghizer

1- Visit to Puniyal Valley
2- Visit to Ishkoman Valley
3- Visit to Gupis Valley
4- Visit to Yasin Valley
5- Visit to lakes
6- Visit to forts and ancient sites

Ghizer Tours