Gilgit known as locally Geelt, and administrative unit of Pakistan. Gilgit is capital of Gilgit-Baltistan region and sangam of Ghizer and Hunza river. Gilgit is famous for tour destination and business center of Ghizer, Nagar and Hunza. The history of Gilgit is quite interesting and have ancient and medieval and modern stories for travelers and tourists. Before British Gilgit was completely single handed ethnicity SHINA and aftermath of British the Shina, burushaski and Balti populations also settled in Gilgit. Gilgit was famous from the old Silk route and having genuine business relations with China and Ladkh.

Even though, the Gilgit was corridor for Indian and Chinese Buddhist to exchange their rituals and other informations through Gilgit. In chinese accounts two famous Buddhists pilgrims Faxian and Xauzang traversed in Gilgit and many Buddhist archeology are still in Gilgit and its adjacent. After Buddhism, Hindu Raj started expeditions and maintain central power to rule the gilgit. After Hindu, British came to Gilgit and developed the writ to rule gilgit and other princely states.

Gilgit is surrounding with lush green valleys such as Danyore, Ahmedabad, Sultanabad, Oshikhandas, Jalalabad, Hanzel and Bagrot. If you are foodie and want to taste the chilly desi cuisine of Geelt. Do visit the Talib shah Cake, Ghagix khan Mantu, Trout Fish Fry.

Tour Plan in Gilgit

1- Visit to British graveyard and Biddulph Municipal Library
2- Visit to Chinar Bagh (Gilgit River)
3- Visit to Kargha Buddha 700 C.E
4- Visit to Hanzel Stupa
5- Visit to Bagrot Valley
6- Visit to Chinese Graveyard

Gilgit Tour