Hunza was known for many fascinating things such as Culture, People, Ancient Forts, Languages, Dresses, Folks, Music, Mountains and Hospitality. Hunza was ruled by local ruler from thousands of years with peace, tranquility and harmony. Hunza Valley is Ethnically divided into lower (shina), central (Burushal) and upper (Gojal) regions.

(i) The Lower Hunza area – (from Khizerabad to Nasirabad (Heeni) is mainly inhabited by the Shinaki people who are Shina speakers;
(ii) The Central Hunza area – (from Murtazaabad to Attaabad) is mainly inhabited by Burushaski speakers.
(iii) The Upper Hunza area, known as Gojal – (from Shiskat to Khunjerab is mainly populated by Wakhi speakers.

The valley of Lower Hunza offers the best views of capped mountains such as Rakaposhi and old Silk Route.
The central Region is Capital of Hunza and offers the best view of mighty mountains such as Lady finger(not yet submit), ultar peak,and golden peak. Along that the 1000 years forts and old settlements (Khan”) and scenic view of Duikar and Nagar.
The Valley of upper Hunza Gojal offers the best views of snow capped mountains. A 900 years old Ondra fort overlooking the village of Gulmit makes a fine vantage point to view over 6000 peaks on a clear day, the spectacular sight of mountain and valleys in the range of 120 kilometres gives the feeling of a dream coming true as if witnessing the great open museum of mountains. Gulmit (2500m) the Capital of upper Hunza valley is the only town in the world, where you can view five peaks over (6000m) in all four directions. Tupopdan peak (6106m), Shisper peak (7611m), Gulmit Tower (6000m), Quroon (7143m) and Distalghail Sar peak reaches in high as Hunza Skyline. The patches of lush terraced fields on rugged mountains if a sample of hard work and irrigation channels worked out by Hunzakuts.

Hunza Valley the land of apricot orchards, peaches, apples, mulberry, walnuts and grapes. Glacial stream thunder down from distant peaks and sizzle through forests of poplar. The mountain people of Hunza valley with Brown or Golden hairs and green, blue or grey eyes, unravel the mystery of their origin. Their ancestors are believed to be to the soldiers of Alexander’s army who settled down in these valleys with their Persian wives.
The astounding history of Hunza valley is filled with invasions. The Dogras, the Sikhs and the Laddakhis, the Purakis of Chitral and the wali’s and mir’s of the neighbouring states conquered or made unsuccessful attempts to rule Hunza Valley. Hunza is a paradise for trekkers, mountaineers, photographers and nature lovers.

Tour plan in Hunza

1- Visits to Ancient Forts
2- Sunrise and Sunsets of Mighty Mountains
3- Bonfire with local Music
4-Cultural tour to Old settlement of Altit, Baltit and Ganish
5-Jeep Safari to Duikar (Eagles Nest)
6- Visit to Stunning view of Attaabad Lake
7- Visit to Khunjerab pass
8- Dinner with local Communities
9- Visit of Passu cones
10- Visit to Dryport of Sust
11- four hours trek to ultar

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