Skardu- Climbers Paradise

Skardu is famous for climbers Paradise. Skardu is capital city of Baltistan region and comprised of three different ethnicity. Skardu is the center and it connects indus and shigar rivers. The city is gateway of thousand mighty mountains of Karakoram, Himalaya and Hindukush ranges.

The history is divided into three periods, Maqpoon period, Mughual Period and Dogra Period. Skardu was ruled by these rulers and left historical imprints on social and political structure. There are three ethnic tribes Balti, Shina and Burushu. The national language of Skardu is Balti.

Skardu, capital of Baltistan is perched 2,438 metres above sea level in the backdrop of the great peaks of the Karakorams. Balti people are a mixture of Tibetan and Caucasian stock and speak Balti, an ancient form of Tibetan. Due to the similarity of its culture, lifestyle and architecture with Tibet, Baltistan is also known as the “Tibet-e-Khurd” (Little Tibet).

It borders on the Chinese province of Xinjiang and Indian Kashmir. The tourist season is from April to October. The maximum temperature is 27 C and minimum (October) 8 C. Apart from its incomparable cluster of mountain peaks and glaciers Baltistan’s five valleys, – Shigar, Skardu, Khaplu, Rondu and Kharmang are noted for their luscious peaches, apricots, apples and pear.

Tour Plan in Skardu

1- Visit to Skardu City Center
2- Visit to K2 Museum
3- Visit to Sand Dunes
4- Visit to Kharpocho Fort
5- Visit to Satpara Lake
6- Visit to Shangrila Lake (Kachura Lake)
7- Visit to Shigar Fort
8- Visit to Gasherbrum and K2
9- Visit to Khaplu Valley
10- Visit to Narsok Valley
11- Visit to Organic Valley
12- Visit to Buddha Rock carvings

Skardu Tours