Ultar Peak (7388m)


Ultar Peak (7388m, the magnificent mountain) lies in the heart of Hunza valley and is in the Batura chain of peaks which starts from Chalt village (Bar valley) to Kampir Dior in Kurumbar valley.

This beautiful mountain is surrounded by Lady Finger, Marble Peak, Harchinder Peak, and Passu Peak. The surrounding glaciers are Attabad, Ultar, Hassan Abad, and Batura.

Ultar Peak has been a challenge for the climbers in the past and even today. It’s known for its hard, steady and rock falls, overhanging rocks and sharp ridges. It has been attempted by many expeditions in the past but all attempts went in vain, finally, it was conquered by a Japanese expedition in 1997.

Elevation: 7388 Mt
Mountain Range: Karakoram
First climbed in 1997, by Japanese expedition
Zone: Permitted
Duration: 40 Days
Best Time: May – August

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Ultar Peak (7388m)